Alison Carroll – Lara Croft Set 1

Lara Croft is one of the most inspiring female video game characters and has been an icon for many years. She is the main heroine for the Tomb Raider franchise. Unfortunately past titles were not really using a real actress in motion capture technology, like in so many recent video games. However, distributor usually hires a model to portrays Lara Croft figure before they launch a game. One of the them is Alison Carroll, the English gymnast, model, and actress, who has been the official Lara Croft model since 2008.

It’s too bad that Alison Carroll is the last human model appointed to portray Lara Croft, as after her contract ended in 2010, there was no more official model for the character.


Alison Carroll as Lara Croft:


Alison Carroll

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