Haruna Anno Dressed as Chun-Li

Chun-Li is probably the most known video game character from fighting genre. She has appeared in almost all Street Fighter installments, since introduced by Capcom in Street Fighter II, back in 1991. Chun-Li is a Chinese born Interpol agent, with personal mission to revenge M. Bison, who was responsible for her father death.

As the “first lady of fighting games”, Chun-Li is greatly admired by fans, both men and women. If men love her for her cute face, sexy appearance, and deadly fighting style, women like her dressing style, especially her trademark blue cheongsam. That’s why Chun-Li costume play (cosplay) is one of the most popular among gamer girls.

One example of the best Chun-Li cosplay was portrayed by Haruna Anno. Haruna Anno is 23-year-old game idol from Japan, which choose retro/classic games as her preferences. As a hardcore retro gamer, Haruna Anno able to finish Super Mario Bros. level 1-1 without even looking at the screen! Besides classic titles, she also loves Street Fighter IV, and has a formidable record of above 80% winning percentage in her online stats.

Enjoy these Haruna Anno pictures, when she was dressed as Chun-Li.


Chun-Li Cosplay by Haruna Anno

Haruna Anno

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